Repotting now underway!

A few months ago, I wrote about my ongoing feeling of being root bound. My current gig, which has been a great learning experience in many ways, is no longer cutting the muster. There are a whole slew of reasons for that, about half are due to policy and people changes at the university and about half are internal to me. I’ve been restless and grouchy a lot over the past few months. If you’ve been around me much, I’m sure that was pretty obvious. Sorry.

It’s probably safe to invite me to drinks again now. I’ve just recently found a new pot.

In May of this year, I’ll be leaving the university to be the research director for the Theraplay Institute. Happily, this does not mean we’re moving to Chicago so I can be in the TTI office every day. I’ll be working from my same house, just doing different things. My main aim will be to build a strong base of evidence for the use of Theraplay with a range of kids and problems. We (at TTI) have known for years that it works, but it’s time to put our money where our collective mouth is. I’m very much looking forward to the aggravations and elations of full time research work.

I’m still on a mission to create more competent play therapists in Indiana. We have a terrible shortage. In fact, my schedule will be more fluid now, so it’s possible I may be more available for one-day training events. Now is a good time to contact me about scheduling for late summer and fall events.

I’m feeling happy in my new pot. My roots can breathe again.

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